Home improvement requires lots of planning. We understand that you are bound to have loads of questions before beginning the Design or Build process, so we have summarised some of our frequently asked questions for you.

If you have any further questions or want to let us know more about your project, call our team on 0208032505.

Can I raise my roof ridge to achieve the required internal head room?

A lot of people consider raising the roof ridge to create extra headspace because it’s a cheaper option. Unfortunately, most councils will not permit you to raise the ridge without their permission and if they find out, they may order the conversion to be removed for breaking planning rules. An alternative solution would be to lower the ceiling of the floor below, which would increase the height of the loft space to achieve the required head.

How much will it cost me?

There are contributing factors that add up while pricing a project.  Each project will have its own specifications, which will determine final price. There’s no set price for each project but the following loft conversion costs will outline the basics of what you can expect to pay for each project.

Project types – Loft Conversion   Estimated cost from
Dormer conversion £35k – 40k
Dormer conversion with a back addition  £ 45K -50K
Mansard £45k – 48k
Hip to gable £42k – 48k
Attic conversion £ 30k – 33k


Project types – Kitchen Extension Estimated cost from
 Single storey Back addition £40k – 55k
Side return extension £40K –  55k
Wrap around extension £45k – 60k
Garage conversion £50K – 60K
Double storey extension £75k – 90k
Outbuilding extension £35k – 45k

We will work with your budget to create a bespoke quotation that will cater to your requirement.

Do I require planning permission?

You probably will unless you are doing a velux conversion which in most cases are less than 40 cubic meters.

What is included in your estimated cost

The estimated cost, which we will provide, will be tailored to your property and it includes everything basic up plastering. Often clients are expected to shop for their own sanitaryware, kitchen and tile or provide a detailed bill of quantities that can be priced accurately. Otherwise if you require fitting and fixture more upmarket we are happy to fit only and tailor your quotation accordingly.

How long will it take?

A loft conversion usually takes between 6-8 weeks while kitchen extension normally last between 8-10 weeks.

Can I use my own drawings?


I want to do some of the work myself

Yes, we can provide a structure-only service, leaving all of the electrics, plumbing, fixtures and fittings to you. This will dramatically reduce the costs of the work, as long as you are not hiring external plumbers and electricians. In which case this will typically actually cost more. If you are going to take care of these things yourself, then you will certainly save money. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for work conducted by yourself or any damage that this may do to the shell conversion.

What about my neighbours?

It is always a good idea and practice to keep neighbours informed of your plans – and as long as you obey the necessary rules and regulations, they cannot usually stop a conversion. The only formal dealings you are likely to have with neighbours may be over party wall agreement.

Do I need a building inspector or does it come with the package

No its does not come with the package however we work with private builder’s inspectors for an additional cost. It is absolutely necessary to get approval for your loft conversion from Building Regulations.

How do I deal with water pressure problems?

It is advisable it install a magaflo (mechanised tank) if you have low water pressure or in cases where your boiler needs updating its advisable to install a higher capacity boiler.

Could somebody stop me building by using the Party Wall Act?

As long as the works have planning permission, no one can use the Party Wall Act to stop you building, but they can use it to ensure that the works are done in a particular way.

Can I still live in the house during the build?

A number of our clients choose to move out during the works, however, it’s perfectly possible to live in. If you want to do that, we can even create a temporary kitchen until your new kitchen extension is ready.

One point to bear in mind is that if your property doesn’t have rear access, then we’ll have to bring everything through the house. If that’s the case, we will always fully protect the hallway and any floor surfaces

Can I live in the property while work is being carried out?

In most cases yes, provided we wouldn’t be dropping the floors on the first floor to increase the headroom in the loft. In that case, we would ask that you provide an alternative place to live for a few weeks, while the work is being carried out.

What's your guarantee period?

All of our Extensions are backed by our specialist 10-year guarantee.

What are Building Regulations?

When you begin a new development, you will need a Building Control Officer to oversee your project. They are there to ensure the project is being carried out safely and to an acceptable standard. Our Design Team will be on hand to help if your Building Control Officer has any queries.

How do I appoint Building Control?

If you choose to build with us, our Project Management team will talk you through the options you have when it comes to Building Control. We can sort everything out for you, or you can do it yourself should you wish.

Who should I contact if I want to talk about my project?

We will appoint a Project Manager who will manage your project from the start to end. They will be in close communication with you throughout the process and they’ll be on hand to answer any questions.