Kitchen Extensions

A bigger kitchen?

As house prices continue to rise, moving to a bigger home in North London may not always work out as a realistic option. To cater for personal needs and family/lifestyle changes, many homeowners opt for other cost-effective options to extend their home.

Extending a house gives you the opportunity to create new and flexible spaces that boost the value of your home significantly. Your kitchen is one of those areas.

Considered as the “powerhouse” of any home, the kitchen is where families gather and enjoy some of the best times of their lives. It could also turn out to be a top spot for entertaining visitors and so it is not uncommon for many to desire a large and spacious kitchen. With a suitable plan and design, you can create those extra dimensions of space for your kitchen.

Here are some of the reasons to consider a kitchen extension:

Growing family

With an increase in family size, an expanded kitchen area could help accommodate all the new additions to the family. It is reasonable to consider a single or multi-floor extension with the aim of including an improved kitchen space for the home.

Match other rooms in the house

Sometimes homeowners have a perfect home but the kitchen space is somewhat compact compared to other rooms in the home. Extending your kitchen could give your home a different look, matching the space with other parts of the house.

Increase the value of your home

Simply said, most real estate agents will offer a great price for properties with large kitchen spaces. The layout and design of your kitchen could become key contributors in deciding the value of your home, therefore making it a worthwhile consideration and investment.

It is important to involve an Architect who is able to design your kitchen space efficiently with extensive research on planning permission requirements and building regulations.

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