How we work with you

Free Loft & Kitchen Design Consultation

Kitchen and loft conversions projects sometimes appear arduous and complicated. You may have a design in mind, but later realise some aspects of your dream loft conversion or galley kitchen might not be easy to achieve.

With our free no-obligation consultation, we will assess your North London home and provide unbiased feedback on what is feasible. We will discuss with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your kitchen or loft design goals. Following this, we will provide a preliminary rundown of costs for your planned remodel.

Loft Design & Kitchen Specification Cost

Once the consultation is completed and you are ready to progress, our turnkey LivinRoom Developers Project Managers will immediately begin work on a more details costing for your project.

Loft conversions in London may run into tens and occasionally even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Construction contractors often see projects run over budget when estimations have not been detailed accurately. With our experienced team, we will ensure every aspect of your project is cost down to the nearest penny prior to commencement.

We will help you cap costs by ensuring we work to the budgets which you have already pre-determined. If there are limitations, we will discuss priority areas or additional budget allowances required to realise your dream. We are flexible to work to fit your budget requirements and ensure you achieve your dream loft or kitchen extension

Design Process

Inspired design is only possible when Architects are committed to capitalising on the unique qualities of existing structures, landscapes, and urban environments. Each of our Royal Institute of British Architects works with this exact philosophy in mind.

Based on your kitchen and loft design requirements, our RIBA Chartered Architects will survey your home and begin drawing up plans for your approval. As residential remodelling experts, we work with you to revise the proposed designs to meet your requirements. Rest assured will include you throughout every step of this process. That way, the end development of your loft or kitchen will be fully representative of your expectations.

Our Building Consultancy Team

Building extensions and loft conversions in London need to be compliant with all local building regulations. If a new rear extension, basement, or outbuilding is not up to the code, local authorities will demand that homeowners take remedial action immediately. When undertaking new rear extension projects and loft conversions, we appoint specialized building consultants to oversee projects.

Our building consultants are here to:

  • Ensure that new kitchen and loft designs adhere to national fire safety regulations
  • Ensure that kitchen, loft design plans, and rear extensions meet all standard ventilation and lack of toxic substance requirements
  • Take care to ensure that extensions and loft areas are adequately sound and heat insulated
  • Ensure that all new home areas are electrically safe and energy efficient
  • Ensure that all other building code requirements are met

Oversights are common when it comes to meeting and being fully compliant with national building regulations. This is because regulations themselves change so frequently that a structure built yesterday won’t always be fully compliant tomorrow. We work with government approved building inspectors who can certify every stage of development up until completion of your next kitchen extension or North London loft conversion.

Planning Permission

Acquiring planning permission for new extension or loft conversion is essential. Without statutory consent from your local authority, modification or change the use of a portion of your property will be put at risk of being reversed. We help to file planning permission applications detailing any proposed changes to your property’s use and/or structure. Much more importantly, should planning permission not be granted by your local authority, we will work with you to modify your development plans.

Building Control

Building control is a legal requirement for your conversion. We work with a government approved building inspector to sign off various stages of the conversion making sure we comply with the various statutory requirements. We will issue all necessary certification at the end of your project.

Project Management

Even when executing a relatively simple kitchen extension, several teams of professionals all have to work together to ensure the project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Architects, Construction Contractors, Electricians, and Building Consultants all need to work together in harmony. This is why at LivinRoom Developers, we assign experienced and hands-on Project Managers to oversee every aspect of the new kitchen and loft conversions. Our Project Managers will work closely with you and monitor progress and budget requirements. They are highly resourceful and versatile and will proactively find solutions to last-minute problems as and when they arise.

Our Construction Contractors

Whether you are looking for a contemporary galley kitchen extension or an ultra-modern loft conversion, it is important to remember that the success of your project will depend just as much on your Building Contractors as it will your Project Architect.

We only work with the most accomplished and fully licensed local building contractors in London. As a rule, our Construction Contractors take just as active a part in discussing your kitchen and/or loft design plans with you as our Architects. This helps us to plan the most effective construction schedule to minimise any disturbance to your home.

We monitor closely to ensure that projects stay on budget, are completed as timely as possible and fully compliant with all local and national building regulations.